DIY Growth Chart

I finally finished a project that I have been wanting to do for some time now. I am they typical mom that wants to record and photograph every major event and milestone. I am certain that Nathan already runs when he sees the camera come out! But what kind of mom would I be if I wasn’t a bit obsessive  embarrassing? Right?! Please tell me that this is okay 😉

When I was growing up, my height was recorded on the door frame of our shed. My Dad would etch my height and the date with an old carpenters pencil and I would proudly step back and smile from ear to ear upon seeing that I did in fact grow from the last time that I stood there.

I was originally just going to buy a growth chart. That would be the easy way out though. It wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t complicate things and add yet another project to my endless to-do list. Plus, I couldn’t see spending almost $100 on something that I could do myself (with a little help from the hubby, of course).

Here are some of my supplies. Although I did not end up using the polyurethane since it was going to be kept inside. John cut the piece of wood to about 6 1/2 foot and sanded the edges and top surface and I was good to go.

*Don’t mind the pajama bottoms :)* Once the wood was wiped down I applied the stain. After about 5 minutes I wiped it down to get the excess stain off and this is what I got….

You can wait longer to wipe the stain off or apply another coat if you want your finished product to be darker.

Mark out your inches and feet. I just used a permanent black marker and that worked just fine.

I used house numbers to mark each foot but you could also use marker and/or paint to make your numbers. This is where the hubby and his power tools came in handy 😉

And here is the finished project 😀 I did our name with a marker and painted a chalkboard spot below it for custom messages and quotes. This will be used for all of my children and will never be left behind if we ever move ❤


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